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NOTICE: We have migrated all accounts to ultra-fast cloud servers using pure RAID10 SSD storage technology. If your email is no longer connecting, please update your hostname from acton.footholds.net to mail.<your-domain>. Cpanel can still be accessed via http://<your-domain>/cpanel

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Disk Space

The amount of our hard drive resources that you are entitled to use. All files, databases, and email occupy disk space. CJ Website Hosting offers large amounts of Disk Space to customers so that you will never run out. A small website for example, containing around 10 pages, would only consume a few megabytes of disk space. Our lowest package offers a massive 200MB's - giving you loads of space to store your files and emails; so there is no chance you could reach your limit.

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The customer service is incredible. I sent them an email, and before I knew it, they responded with the answers that I needed. - HitsBam, United States of America

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